(Starlight Developments)

Victorians who have had difficulty finding rental housing can take solace in the knowledge that things will improve down the road.

Starlight Developments has received Victoria’s seal of approval to move forward with their “master plan” to revitalize Yates Street, between Cook Street and Vancouver Street.

On April 6th, Victoria’s city council voted 8-1 in favor of the development after making some compromises with Starlight Developments.

The process to receive the city’s green light has taken three years, beginning with the purchase of real estate in the area in 2019, followed by the submission of a thorough application to the city council and staff in 2020, and finally holding public hearings on the project in February 2023.

(Starlight Developments)

The main product of this project will be over 1,500 rental units, including a mix of apartments and townhouses, green space, a new location for Market on Yates, and many other shops and businesses. A day-care center will also be included in the completed project.

“Harris Green Village represents a unique opportunity to create a vibrant, urban, mixed-use community that is both diverse and inclusive,” said Shauna Dudding, Executive Director of Developments at Starlight Developments.

“Purpose-built rentals are a critical aspect of the revitalization of this neighbourhood, and we are honoured to be an integral part of the process.”

The first phase of the development will take place between Cook Street and Vancouver Street and will include the construction of 526 new homes, 80 of which will be designated as affordable suites. The first phase will also see a new location for Market on Yates.

“We are fortunate to be able to offer almost half an acre of parkland to downtown Victoria and to add a 10,000 square foot space for arts, culture, and community for the city,” said Andrew Browne, Director of Development at Starlight Developments.

The second and third phases will take some time to develop, but they will eventually see Vancouver through Quadra Streets developed with over 1,000 homes and 70,000 square feet of commercial space.

Additionally, a half-acre park will be included in the area between Yates and View Streets during the later phases of development.

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