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7-year-old Victoria actress making a name for herself with big Netflix debut


Vancouver and Victoria are known to be hubs for film productions of all sizes shooting here, but it isn’t so often that young, home-grown actors have the spotlight cast on them. 

Remy Marthaller, a 7-year-old actress who was born and raised in Victoria, has been gaining some traction in the industry as of late and the city is buzzing with excitement over her recent achievements. 

Her latest claim to fame was being a main player in the opening scene of Netflix’s new hit action thriller, The Night Agent

The first scene of the series opens with Remy and the actor portraying her mother hop aboard a train which the lead character, Gabriel Basso from Kings of Summer and Hillbilly Elegy, must rescue them from. 

Since The Night Agent’s release, it has held strong in the top 10 shows in Canada on Netflix and received a 7.6 star rating on IMDb.

Remy was elated to be a part of such a successful show, although it is rated TV-MA, which indicates it is meant for older, more mature audiences.  

“I jumped off a moving train, because there was a bomb on the train,” Remy exclaimed.

Remy has gotten to travel all over Vancouver for work and is always accompanied by family. She even got to go to Prince Rupert for The Island Between Tides which saw the town be taken over for the production. 

“It’s kind of the first big blockbuster film that was entirely shot in Prince Rupert,” Robert told Victoria Buzz. 

“It featured a lot of local actors, but had some big names as well like Donal Logue from Sons of Anarchy, he was one of the main guys, and then Paloma Kwiatkowski who was great.”

“It was cool they kind of took over the town for three weeks,” Robert added. 

Her very first acting job was booked before she could even walk when Remy was only 11-months-old, she was cast in an ‘Invisalign’ commercial.

“I had done some acting in my younger days,” Robert said. “So I was on the lookout and iI randomly saw an ad somewhere for a baby who can’t walk yet.”

“Remy had just started standing but couldn’t walk yet and they chose her.”

Her first role she remembered was A Mrs. Miracle Christmas which was released in 2021.

“I got to have a tea party,” Remy told Victoria Buzz. “I made [Steve Lund] dress up!”

“It was actually Steve Lund from Schitt’s Creek, the heartthrob guy,” Robert added. 

When asked what Remy’s dream role is, she quickly exclaimed, “I want to be a cat!”

She went on to say that she wants to play a ‘scaredy cat’ and her father elaborated to say that she had auditioned for a number of voice acting roles over the years and she tried out for hit kids TV-show, Cocomelon, although she did not get that part.

Remy has gotten to travel a bit for her work thus far and she and her father expect they will be travelling a bit more this coming year with all that she’s got coming out of post-production, ready to be released.

“There’s a movie called Seagrass and it’s really, really good,” Remy told Victoria Buzz. 

“It was my first lead role,” she added excitedly. 

The Marthallers are unsure when the film will premiere, but it will likely be submitted to film festivals across Canada and the rest of the world before a commercial premiere. 

“Her first film ever was called Float and it’s got Andrea Bang and Robbie Amell, it was filmed in 2021 and it’s still sitting and waiting,” Robert explained.

“What they do is they submit to the festival then they kind of wait their turn. It just seems like all that is going to come to a head this year.”

Remy has filmed three movies over the last two years and Robert expects they will all be slated for release before the year’s end. 

Seagrass, which was shot entirely on Gabriola Island is currently applying to festivals, The Island Between Tides is in post-production and will likely be released in 2023 and Float is also wrapped and ready to go, according to Robert. 

As of this publication, The Night Agent is currently ranked in the top three best TV shows in Canada on Netflix.

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