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Fools gold: Two West Shore residents scammed by emotional couple selling jewelry


So far this April, two West Shore residents have come forward to police saying they’ve been scammed by a couple selling jewelry they claim is real, but is in fact fake. 

Police say both victims reported being approached by the couple saying they had no money because the male suspect’s wallet had been lost or stolen. The female suspect was reportedly very emotional and was selling her jewelry.

According to West Shore RCMP, the duo claimed they needed money for gas and offered the jewelry for low prices, but when the victims of the jewelry scam had the items they bought checked out by a professional jeweler, it turned out it was fake. 

Police say both occurrences happened in Langford. One victim was approached by the couple on Rainville Road and the other was defrauded on the corner of Pickford Road and Kelly Road. 

The suspects were travelling in a grey and black SUV with a female passenger and two young children in the back, according to police. 

Police describe the male suspect as being a South Asian man in his 40s, standing around 6’ tall, with a medium build, dark hair with a heavy South Asian accent. He was wearing a dark blue quilted jacket and bright white and orange running shoes at the time of the incidents.

The female suspect is described as a South Asian woman in her 40s, standing approximately 5’3” tall, with a medium build and she also spoke with a heavy South Asian accent. She was wearing a long dark dress and dark colored head scarf.

Police are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying these suspects. 

West Shore RCMP is warning the public against buying high priced jewelry and other costly items from anyone other than reputable businesses to protect themselves from being defrauded.

Anyone who may know who these two are should contact West Shore RCMP at (250) 474-2264. 

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