Two kidnapping and robbery crimes are not believed to be connected: VicPD
(Victoria Police Department)

A man is facing charges 10 charges in connection with a series of chemical liquid attacks in Victoria that started in November 2022.

The incidents first began in late November when police issued a media release when two women had an unknown, hot-feeling liquid splashed on their legs, causing a burning sensation and skin irritation—at the time, it was believed the liquid was hot coffee.

Since that time, more similar incidents occurred, including on Thursday, December 29th when a man sprayed an unknown liquid on a group of women in the 1100-block of Government Street.

The victims told police the liquid had damaged their nylons and, similar to the previous incidents, caused a burning sensation on their skin.

All victims were female and between the ages of 15 to 48 years old.

In January, VicPD announced a suspect, who has now been identified as Sean O’Reilly, had been arrested.

Today, they confirmed O’Reilly was charged with 10 counts of sexual assault with a weapon on March 14.

Police said they believed the liquid to be a corrosive substance. O’Reilly has been released but is bound by conditions.

He is currently awaiting trial.