Royal Canadian Navy Flickr
(Royal Canadian Navy Flickr)

Don’t be alarmed! 

Today the Esquimalt’s Naval Security Team (NST) is advising the public of an upcoming military exercise that is expected to raise attention from residents in surrounding areas of Royal Roads.

On Wednesday, April 19th and Wednesday April 26th between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. the NST will be conducting small boat security exercises which will involve the aggressive driving of patrol boats, the use of sirens, searchlights, horns, and the firing of blank ammunition.

The Department of National Defence issued the warning stating some of the sounds from the base could be startling.

Those training this week are a group of specially trained sailors that work with the Royal Canadian Navy.

In addition to the warning, the release said that the NST team will appropriately mitigate activities that are likely to produce underwater noise and vibration at levels potentially harmful or disturbing to marine mammals in the region.

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