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Province announces ‘The Last of Us’ season two to be filmed in BC


The Last of Us was one of the most anticipated shows to come to people’s televisions across the world and now it is going to be coming to BC.

The first season followed the video game’s storyline almost exactly, while taking some liberties and adding to the depth of the story. It was nearly entirely shot in Alberta which brought millions of dollars to the Canadian film industry.

The second season of the show is anticipated to similarly follow the second installation of the Last of Us game series. If that is the case it will take place in the Pacific Northwest, same as the video game. 

On April 1st, Lana Popham, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport, announced that because of BC’s Pacific Northwestern landscape, the second season of the hit HBO show will be shot right here. 

“We are thrilled that Vancouver and British Columbia were chosen as the location to film season two of The Last of Us,” said Popham.

“The show is one of the most popular on television and one of the biggest productions ever to come to our province. This is a major boon to BC’s economy and an opportunity for global viewers of the show to experience the beauty of British Columbia.”

BC is the go-to destination for the film industry in Canada and it is the third largest film hub in the world. 

Over 44,000 full-time jobs in film are here and there are 88,000 workers throughout the province. 

Vancouver will be the mainstay of the show’s filming in BC, as much of the game the series follows takes place in Seattle, Washington. 

It is unclear whether the show will be using Vancouver Island’s unique landscapes as part of their filming destination as of this publication, but it is possible. 

Regardless of whether the island is selected as a filming destination, Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsay and the rest of the cast and crew might be stopping in on Vancouver Island to enjoy a day off away from the city, as many film stars do while shooting in BC.

It is unclear when filming is scheduled to begin.


Curtis Blandy

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