(Photo by Canada's Got Talent)

In a recent episode of Canada’s Got Talent, Victoria resident and mother of two, Sima Saxena surprised the audience as she performed an original song about her mother. 

Catching laughter from the crowd, panel judge Howie Mandell asked, “what is the dream?” In which Saxena replied, “the dream is to do something before I die”.

Starting her performance with a soft melodic intro, Saxena shocked those in attendance as she began busting her very own rap song. 

In support of her creativity, the crowd began clapping and cheering Saxena on with a standing ovation from Canadian Youtuber and judge, Lilly Saini.

Saini later added that she’d make the catchy beat her ringtone.

On next week’s episode, Vancouver Island’s Raymond Salgado will take the stage as a singer and musician as well as comedian Syd Bosel from Comox.

Canada’s Got Talent

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