Saturday, February 24, 2024

Weather Network predicts chilly temperatures across Canada this April


From double digit weather to sun-kissed afternoons on a patio or along Dallas Road, the early half of spring has certainly not disappointed.

Unfortunately, just when we thought we were on the right track, the Weather Network has forecasted a fickle month ahead with colder than normal temperatures as we enter April.

According to meteorologist Doug Gillham, as of right now it’s hard to rule out whether or not consistent April will continue with colder-than-normal temperatures or transition to summer warmth we’ve recently grown accustomed to.

While the majority of Canada is set to experience a flux of weather patterns, near-normal precipitation is expected across BC and into parts of the Prairies. 

As spring continues to test the patience of those who are eager to say farewell to the chilly weather, there are a couple of positives that we can look forward to. 

In most parts of Canada, temperatures will gradually rise through April to 10°C while daylight hours will continue to lengthen with each passing day. 

Although temperatures are not as warm as we’d like, winter is now behind us and summer is only a short 58 days away¸—and we should expect double digit temperatures consistently by the end of April!

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