Friday, July 12, 2024

BC’s minimum wage set to increase this Thursday


Slow, but steadywe have an update on BCs minimum wage increase.

Back on Wednesday, April 5th, the BC government announced that the minimum wage would be increasing to $16.75 from its previous $15.65 per hour. 

This increase has been confirmed and is set to take effect on Thursday, June 1st.

In order to combat rising inflation, annual increases to BC’s minimum wage have been occurring annually since 2015. 

BC’s minimum wage will now be 10 cents higher than the federal minimum wage, which was raised to $16.65 on April 1st. 


Since the Canadian government announced its increase, other provinces have responded by following suit hoping to benefit employees within their jurisdictions, especially low-income workers. 

“Having a minimum wage that keeps up with inflation is a key step to prevent the lowest paid workers from falling behind,” said Harry Bains, Minister of Labour

Everyone is struggling to keep up with inflation, and this increase will provide a much needed boost in overall income and quality of life.

This latest hike will make the BC minimum wage the second highest in the country, only trailing Yukon by a few cents.

Nearly 150,000 workers in the province will benefit from the increase on Thursday. 

-With files from Curtis Blandy

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