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Brick by Brick: Lego-themed burger pop-up joint coming to Victoria


Attention, Lego lovers and foodies of Victoria!

There’s a new pop-up restaurant about to hit town, and it promises to satisfy both your appetite and your playful spirit.

The Brick Burger Co., a Lego-themed burger joint, is coming to Victoria for a limited time this fall, offering a unique dining experience that combines nostalgia, creativity, and, of course, burgers.

From October 7th – 8th, the immersive and whimsical pop-up location on Oswego Street will open its doors to families and burger enthusiasts alike, offering an unparalleled dining experience.

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Brick Burger’s menu will feature the option of either a beef patty, crispy chicken, or a veggie burger, all served on colourful, brick-like buns that have been made to look like pieces of Lego themselves.

But Brick Burger is more than just a place to enjoy a delicious meal.

The brick-themed restaurant is designed to immerse you in a playful and exciting world of bricks, with colourful brick walls, LEGO-themed furniture, and even a brick building station where you can let your imagination run wild and create your own brick designs.

The experience is family-friendly and will certainly appeal to kids, as well as adults who are kids at heart.

Tickets are $47 per person and include one burger and one soft drink, beer, or glass of wine.

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Brick Burger

  • When: October 7th to October 8th
  • Where: Pop-up location on Oswego Street
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