Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Here’s why there is a yellow helicopter hovering over Greater Victoria today


Were you like many residents wondering why there was a yellow helicopter hovering over Greater Victoria today?

The helicopter, owned by Talon Helicopters which is based in Richmond, was contracted by FortisBC to conduct Lidar mapping.

In a message to Victoria Buzz, FortisBC confirmed they were doing routine annual aerial inspections to detect any issues, leaks or otherwise.

In order to conduct the service, the helicopter was required to operate with a low flying permit through Transport Canada.

The front of the helicopter appeared to have a camera equipped on the front, however, it was in fact a LiDAR Scanning system, which is used to inspect high pressured gas transmission lines.

FortisBC contracted the helicopter for its technology to detect if there is a gas leak and help lock in the exact coordinates.

Now they’re off to the next city!

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