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Vancouver Island’s first heatwave of the season broke records over the weekend


After enduring months of limited sunshine, Victorians were treated to an abundance of vitamin D during the Mother’s Day long weekend.

This delightful weather came with a surprising twist as Vancouver Island broke numerous long-standing temperature records across the region.

Special weather statements covered much of British Columbia’s coastal and interior regions with temperatures soaring near or above 30 degrees in many communities.

Unusual heatwave conditions are expected to persist along the coastal regions of BC throughout the week. Daytime temperatures will soar into the high 20s to low 30s, with overnight lows remaining in the low to mid-teens.

The south coast will have a brief break from the heat as cooler marine air and low cloud pushes in Monday night and Tuesday, however, high temperatures will return

“While the developing heat may result in daily temperature records being broken, it must be emphasized that the expected hot conditions will not approach those reached during the ‘heat dome’ of late June 2021,” wrote Environment Canada in an advisory Monday.

Here’s a full list of the temperature records broken on Sunday, May 14th on Vancouver Island:

New: 31.9 C
Old: 25.6 C set in 1949

New: 28.9 C
Old: 26.7 C set in 2018

Port Hardy
New: 26.3 C
Old: 25.6 C set in 1973

New: 30.7 C
Old: 27.8 C set in 1912

Other temperature records broken across BC:

New: 34.5 C
Old: 33.3 C set in 1912

Bella Bella
New: 30.7 C
Old : 26 C set in 2016

Blue River
New: 30.9 C
Old: 29.6 C set in 1993

Burns Lake
New: 30.4 C
Old: 29.4 C set in 1973

Cache Creek
New: 34.2 C
Old: 33.9 C set in 2018

Clearwater area
New: 33.9 C
Old 33.3 C set in 1924

New: 28.3 C
Old: 28.1 C set in 2018

Dawson Creek
New: 31.1 C
Old: 29.4 C set in 1973

Estevan Point
New: 23.7 C
Old: 21.1 C set in 1973

New: 34.9 C
Old: 32.8 C set in 1973

New: 31.9 C
Old: 30.2 C set in 2018

New: 34.9 C
Old: 33.3 C set in 1924

New: 34.8 C
Old: 33.9 C set in 1973

New: 30.7 C
Old: 28.3 C set in 1973

New: 29.1 C
Old: 28.1 C set in 1993

New: 29.9 C
Old: 29.4 C set in 1912

New: 35 C
Old: 34 C set in 2018

Pitt Meadows
New: 32.3 C
Old: 32.2 C set in 1973

Powell River
New: 29.5 C
Old: 27.8 C set in 1973

New: 31.7 C
Old 31.1 C set in 1939

New: 30.5 C
Old: 26.7 C set in 1973

New: 35.8 C
Old: 29.2 C set in 2018

New: 31.6 C
Old: 30 C set in 1924

West Vancouver
New: 31.7 C
Old: 27.6 C set in 2018

New: 31.1 C
Old: 28.9 C set in 1973

White Rock
New: 29.3 C
Old: 26.1 C set in 1939

Yoho National Park area
New: 28.6 C
Old: 26.7 C set in 1924

Several temperature records were also broken on the island on Saturday, May 13th:

Comox Area

New: 26.9 C
Old: 26.6 C set in 2018

Courtenay Area

New: 26.9 C
Old: 26.6 C set in 2018


New: 28.2 C
Old: 26.8 C set in 2016

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