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Motorcyclist with learner license nabbed travelling over double the speed limit in Cowichan Bay


A 19-year-old motorcyclist from Duncan found out the hard way that speeding won’t be tolerated on Vancouver Island highways.

This comes after the driver, who only has a learners’ permit, was nabbed travelling at 189 km/h in a 90 km/h zone at around 9 p.m. last Friday on Highway 1 near Bench Road.

According to BC Highway Patrol, an officer was first alerted to the speeder from the sound of his roaring engine.

The young driver of the grey Honda motorcycle then sped past them in the northbound lanes doing twice the legal speed limit near Cowichan Bay.

“The rider of the motorcycle then proceeded to pull into a nearby service station on their own accord, seemingly unaware of the officer that they had just sped past,” said the highway patrol said in a Thursday media release.

As a consequence of the reckless behavior exhibited by the motorcyclist, the motorcycle was impounded, and the rider was charged with excessive speeding under the BC Motor Vehicle Act.

“Speaking as a motorcycle rider both in my personal time and while working, I can attest that riding is a great experience. This experience however comes with high levels of vulnerability and responsibility,” said Staff Sergeant Adam Tallboy, the acting OIC of BCHP Vancouver Island.

“When riding a motorcycle be extra vigilant, ride responsibly and know that you just don’t have that degree of protection surrounding you that an enclosed motor vehicle would otherwise provide.”

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