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Nine search warrants reveal large amounts of drugs and weapons across Greater Victoria (VIDEO)


The West Shore RCMP drugs and organized crime unit, in collaboration with multiple law enforcement agencies, executed nine search warrants resulting in the seizure of significant evidence related to drug trafficking and organized crime.

In a highly coordinated operation conducted in May, West Shore RCMP joined forces with the RCMP Emergency Response Team, Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team, Saanich Police, and the Victoria Police Department to investigate drug trafficking in the region.

Police say the joint effort was aimed at disrupting criminal networks involved in the distribution of illicit substances.

As a result of the operation, officers executed search warrants on five vehicles and four properties located in Langford, the Malahat area, Saanich, and Victoria. Police said the raids yielded a staggering array of evidence, including drugs, firearms, cash, and stolen property.

Among the items seized were approximately six kilograms of suspected cocaine, fentanyl, methamphetamine, and psilocybin, indicating a significant drug operation in the region.

Additionally, officers discovered approximately six liters of liquid drugs suspected to be gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), a central nervous system depressant commonly known as a “date rape drug.” The seizure also included over 1,000 unidentified pills, some of which were packaged in prescription bottles, suggesting illegal distribution activities.

In their search, officers also uncovered drug trafficking paraphernalia, including drug packaging materials and a gas mask.

Furthermore, over $6,000 in cash was seized.

In addition to the drugs, several firearms were confiscated during the operation, including a loaded .50 caliber Desert Eagle handgun and an AR15-style rifle equipped with a loaded prohibited magazine capable of holding 30 rounds.

Officers also located a replica handgun, two replica rifles, two handgun magazines, three prohibited rifle magazines, and one prohibited silencer.

Alongside the firearms, a substantial cache of ammunition was seized, including 7.62 x 39mm rounds, shotgun rounds, and rifle rounds stored in large containers.

Furthermore, the search yielded over $10,000 worth of suspected stolen property, still in its original unopened packaging, with numerous security tags attached.

“Drugs and Organized Crime Unit investigators are dedicated to disrupting drug trafficking and organized crime. This was a significant seizure that will impact drug trafficking beyond the West Shore,” said Sergeant Ryan Walsh, West Shore RCMP Drugs and Organized Crime Unit.

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