VicPD arrested a ‘prolific offender’ this morning after receiving numerous reports of breaking and entering from the Vic West neighbourhood.

Police were called by a security guard to an apartment building on Saghalie Road in Vic West at around 5:15 a.m. on the morning of May 8th. 

The area hosts three high end condo and apartment complexes — Bayview One, The Promontory and Bayview Place, all of which overlook Victoria’s Harbour above the Songhees Walkway. 

According to VicPD, officers spotted the suspect when they first arrived at the scene but he fled deeper into the residential complex. 

Additional officers arrived on the scene, along with Integrated Canine Service (ICS K9) for a full search of the building.

While the search was taking place, police say the suspect allegedly set off the fire alarm which prompted the attendance of the Victoria Fire Department on the scene as well.

Police were able to apprehend the suspect eventually and when they did, they determined that he had allegedly stolen several items which were found in their search.

VicPD says the suspect was a relatively new transplant to the Victoria area. Following his arrest, they discovered he has 44 police contacts and a dozen arrests so far just this year.

He currently faces charges for multiple break and enters, car theft, uttering threats, indecent exposure and sexual assault.  

Police took the suspect to VicPD cells where he was held for court.

This incident remains under investigation. 

Anyone with information about this incident who has yet to speak with an officer should call VicPD at (250) 995-7654.