(Super 8)

The government of British Columbia has announced its intention to acquire a motel in Courtenay as part of its ongoing efforts to provide housing for individuals experiencing homelessness.

In a recent statement, the province revealed that BC Housing, on behalf of the government, is currently preparing and submitting a temporary-use permit application to the City of Courtenay.

The purpose of this application is to facilitate the transformation of the Super 8 motel into housing for individuals currently residing at the nearby Travelodge.

Situated at 1885 Cliffe Avenue, the Super 8 motel comprises 67 units, each equipped with its own washroom.

Since the spring of 2020, BC Housing has leased the Travelodge to provide an accommodation option for individuals seeking shelter during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, this lease is scheduled to conclude in June, prompting BC Housing to explore alternative solutions.

“BC Housing explored purchasing the Travelodge but was unable to come to acceptable terms with the owner,” said the province in their release. “The Comox Valley Transition Society (CVTS), which has been operating the Travelodge, will operate the Super 8 to ensure a seamless transition for residents.”

CVTS staff will be on location offering residents an array of support services, including daily meals, life-skills training, and comprehensive health and wellness services.

The anticipated timeline indicates that residents will start relocating to the Super 8 next month, and the province, through BC Housing, will fund the purchase and operating costs of the building.

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