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Retro video of 1980s baseball game in Victoria surfaces on YouTube (VIDEO)


Get ready to step back in time and witness some classic slo-pitch softball action in Victoria!

Recently, an incredible video surfaced on YouTube: a retro video of a 1980s baseball tournament taking place in our great city.

This early home video footage captured the essence of softball before the era of composite bats and fancy uniforms.

The video showcases the Portland charter league, one of the first slow pitch associations registered with Softball BC. The league featured some amazing teams, including the Downtown Dodgers, Langford Trailers, Esquimalt Youngsters, and the one and only Sperms (yes, you read that correctly!).

As you watch the video, you’ll see some fantastic ball fields, including MacDonald Park, Mt View School Park, and James Bay School Playing Field.

The video may be old, but it’s still packed with excitement and nostalgia. You’ll see players swinging bats that look more like tree branches than the sleek, high-tech bats of today.

And the uniforms? Well, let’s just say they were a little more basic back then. But none of that mattered because the players’ love for the game shone through in every pitch, swing, and catch.

If you’re a fan of retro sports footage, you won’t want to miss this gem.

So, grab some popcorn and get ready to witness some classic slo-pitch softball action from the 1980s. It’s a blast from the past that’s sure to hit you right in the nostalgia feels!

Let us know in the comment section if you spot someone you know!

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