Friday, June 14, 2024

Vancouver Island’s San Josef Bay named one of the top beaches in the world


Vancouver Island is famous for many things—but world famous? That’s a pretty amazing feat!

Alongside other incredible beaches, our very own San Josef Bay ranked on Banana Boat’s top beach rating across the world. Now that is something to be proud of! 

Located in Cape Scott Provincial Park, near Port Hardy, this breathtaking sandy beach is accessible via a 45-minute hiking trail and is virtually undisturbed! 

There are bundles of nature and soft sand surrounding an inlet of turquoise waters, and there’s plenty to explore once you reach the beach’s edge – spend a day looking for caves and swimming the shoreline!

We’ve certainly added it to our bucket list, and you should too!

Other top-rated beach locations across the world include:

  • Lucky, Australia
  • Source D’Argent, Seychelles
  • Hidden, Philippines
  • Whitehaven, Australia,
  • One Foot, Cook Islands

Curious about the full list? Click here and scroll through endless amounts of gorgeous beaches to discover. A warning, though…you may get the travel bug!

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