(Some of their fabric selection / Buttons'n'Bows)

Described as a community staple, Buttons’n’Bows has been the go-to sewing store in Oak Bay for over 50 years, and is said to contain the best selection of buttons in town.

Tina Taylor, the current owner, is hoping to pass it on to someone just as passionate about fabric, sewing, and buttons — ensuring the store remains a go-to stop for the loyal customers and newbies alike.

(Storefront / Buttons’n’Bows)

“It’s been open for 55 years and I would hate to see it disappear,” Taylor told Victoria Buzz. 

“A lot of people have been coming here since the 60s.”

Tina has owned the store for five and a half years, giving her plenty of time to get to know the regulars and fall in love with the atmosphere.

“It’s nice and chill…you get to help people with their projects…[and] sew if it’s slow too,” Taylor added.

Since its opening, the store has changed hands a few times and continues to grow and evolve with each changeover. Taylor is now ready to pass on the baton and has expressed some ideas of her own for the next pair of hands.

(Some of their button selection / Buttons’n’Bows)

In a digital era, she recognizes the need for a few digital upgrades in order to gain more traction and wishes for that to be something the next owner is willing to do. 

“I think someone that can put the fabrics and the buttons online will do well. It needs to be modernized a bit,” Taylor said.

This way people can shop their inventory from the comfort of their homes too — adding an element of community and customer care. 

If you’re interested in talking to Tina for more information, you can reach her through the store email.



  • Where: 2867 Foul Bay Road

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