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This retro AirBnB in Sooke will satisfy anyone’s hunger for nostalgia (PHOTOS)


A Sooke woman has built her latest tiny home masterpiece and put it up on AirBnB for those who have a hunger for nostalgia. 

Miranda Aloma built and converted a second tiny home out of a trailer she gutted and renovated by hand. Around the retro trailer, she built a nook and deck complete with a light adorned veranda. 

“I have been working for the past year on a brand new art project/accommodation called ‘the Time Machine Retro Retreat’,” said Aloma. 

“It’s packed with quirky and unique features such as a custom made porch railing out of copper plumbing pipe and marbles, penny table top, an old school TV turned into a tableau of a dinosaur electrocuting a Barbie doll and even some comfy theatre seats from the Belfry Theatre in Victoria.” 

Aloma pulled no punches when it came to the details of her retro retreat. She has included a locker room that is stuffed to the seams with memorabilia, toys, books, games and cassette tapes.

Everything to do with the trailer’s reconstruction was reclaimed, recycled or repurposed from Aloma’s scavenging efforts, which is something she prides herself on. 


The trailer includes a queen-sized bed and a fridge stocked with fresh eggs from Aloma’s hens and a proper bathroom so those who stay don’t have to feel like they’re camping when they want to have a bath or a shower. 

Aloma says the outhouse is “fit for a queen, but not a princess.”

On the AirBnB listing, one reviewer wrote, “This place is the best hidden gem we have ever found! There is something cool and quirky to check out in every nook.”

“This place blew our minds,” they added

A stay here will cost around $115 per night plus taxes, as well as an AirBnB fee and a cleaning fee of $37. 

Curtis Blandy

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