(Image by Doug Clement Photography)

A new report just released by HelloSafe for global startup statistics revealed Victoria is a place to be for a startup!

With available stats, they were then able to narrow it down to the Canadian cities to determine how we measure up to the rest of the country.

Using the Startup Blink database, HelloSafe analyzed three different sets of criteria: quality, quantity and business environment and applied it to the 41 Canadian cities that made the initial global list.

Can you guess how Victoria did?

Out of the 41 Canadian cities made the list this year, Victoria ranked at 11th place!


Pretty good for the small but mighty!

Additionally, out of the 1,000 globally analyzed startup cities, Victoria ranked at 225th!

Canada kept its place as the 4th best startup country in the world, with Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal ranking within the top 50 cities worldwide.


See the full list here.

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