700th LFL Ribbon Cutting (Dr. Teale Phelps Bondaroff)

Bookworms hit the streets!

On Sunday, July 30th, literary enthusiasts and community members gathered on Wilson Street in Vic West for a ribbon cutting ceremony of Greater Victoria’s 700th Little Free Library (LFL).

These LFLs line the streets and paths of the Capital Regional District (CRD) and allow for people of all ages and reading abilities to share books on a good will and honour system. 

The 700th LFL was a project between a father, Kolby Gasko, and his son who love books and they named theirs the ‘Kiddo Library’.

“I built this little library with my son Wolf who loves reading all kinds of books with us,” said Gasko. “He also really likes helping me build any sort of projects that I’m working on.”

“Our collection of kids books was starting to make our bookshelf sag, so we thought we could share with the neighbourhood, and hopefully get a few new ones once in a while.” 

The father-son duo used scrap metal and glass found along the side of the road to build their upcycled project without spending too much or impacting the environment more than necessary.

Gasko said he loves stumbling across new LFLs as he and his family go for walks and he is proud to have one of his own to tend and stock.

“We don’t see many children’s books in the libraries, so we thought it would be awesome to give the kids in our community the same excitement when they come across ours,” Gasko explained. 

“Vic West is definitely a great area for families and we are glad to hopefully add something to it.”

LFLs share tons of books and even seeds, toys, household items, games, puzzles, hygiene products, food and more all throughout the CRD. 

According to Dr. Teale Phelps Bondaroff, Saanich District Councillor and proprietor of the program that upkeeps the LFLs, there have now been over 85,000 books delivered — mostly by bike — to the LFLs. 

“I am constantly impressed by our growing little free library community,” says Phelps Bondaroff. 

“I have long described little free libraries as coral reefs for the community.” 

“It’s amazing how something as simple as a little book box can serve to connect people, create an identity of place, and ultimately help build community.”

The LFLs are all tracked and maintained through the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network’ s Pocket Places Program. 

Here is a full map of every LFL in the CRD and what they offer!

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