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‘Genuine, old fashioned hospitality’: My-Chosen Café owners sell to young entrepreneurs


Metchosin’s favourite eatery is under new ownership.

On Wednesday, July 13th, owners Mike and Shannon Madill announced that after 36 years, they’ve made the decision to sell My-Chosen Café, The Sugar Shack and My-Chosen Pizza to three young entrepreneurs.

The new owners, who grew up going to My-Chosen Café, say they have the utmost respect for the Madills and all they’ve created. 

They plan on carrying forward the “legacy of genuine, old fashioned hospitality and delicious home-cooking” that made the three businesses so successful for nearly four decades. 

The Café’s history

Back in 1987, the couple was on a date when they first saw the location that would soon become My-Chosen Café.

The Madills opened the Café on July 22nd of that same year with the intention to serve the community hearty, home-style comfort food.

Initially, the café would only seat 32 people. As it became more popular among locals and folks who were passing through town, the duo decided they would need to expand their restaurant. 

In 1995, they got to work and expanded the café to be able to seat 102 diners. 

Following the expansion, the Madills continued to add to their initial vision, bringing The Sugar Shack and My-Chosen Pizza into the family.

Now, the café and its sister businesses have solidified themselves as mainstays of not only Metchosin, but Greater Victoria as a whole. 

“As we pass the torch to the new owners, we do so with utmost confidence in their ability to continue the legacy we have built together,” said the Madills. 

“We are confident that they will honor our shared values and provide the same warmth and hospitality that have become synonymous with everything My-Chosen and we wish them continued success.”

Following the sale, the Madills say they are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for them as well as their family. 

What’s next?

New owners, Hollis Turbine, Jason Gray, and Joe Cunliffe, say they won’t be changing the menu and all the staff will keep their jobs as the restaurants’ ownership transitions. 

They want the take-over to be done in a “business as usual” fashion. 

“I grew up across the street from My-Chosen Café right here in Metchosin, so when I heard it was for sale, it was exciting,” stated Gray. “Taking over from Mike and Shannon is a special privilege and a nice homecoming for me.”

The take-over was made official on Thursday, July 14th, but the magic contained in the halls of the My-Chosen Café will be the same as it always has been.

Curtis Blandy

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