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The RidgeView Place saga continues.

Back in April, all tenants of the building were immediately evicted after analysis of the building deemed it unsafe for occupancy. 

Nearly 200 people were displaced on a moment’s notice and had to live out of hotels until they could find suitable and permanent accommodations — not an easy accomplishment amid a region-wide housing shortage.

Along with the evictions came thorough safety precautions around the building including limitations on sidewalk use. 

Over two months later, on Tuesday, July 11th, the City of Langford released a statement which revealed that they have received information on RidgeView Place’s structural integrity but that information is being kept from residents as well as the public.

“With respect to the status of the RidgeView Place building, the City is awaiting further information from the building owner, Centurion Properties as to the details of any remediation work which may follow,” read the statement from a Langford spokesperson. 

“The City did receive initial preliminary information from Centurion Properties in early May relating to the structural integrity of the Building. At this time, Centurion Properties has not allowed the City to release this information as Centurion Properties deemed this information confidential.”


Given what is known by the city at this time, they say they have deemed it safe to allow for public use of the sidewalk surrounding the building.

“Acting on the confidential information provided, the City deemed it appropriate to remove the limitation on public use of sidewalks and passageways in the immediate area,” read the statement. 

In addition to the sidewalks being open, local non-profit and thrift store, St. Vincent de Paul has decided they will resume their operations at their Claude Road location. 

However, the city has made it clear that the thrift store is reopening at their own risk. 

“The City recognizes the information deficit in respect of the building is an imperfect situation but the decision whether to return to the premises remained a decision for St. Vincent de Paul to make,” the city said. 

Neither Langford, nor Centurion Properties have made any mention as to when the results of the building’s structural integrity assessment would be released to the public at this time.

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