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5 sandy Vancouver Island beaches you’ll want to visit before summer ends


Nothing like sandy toes in the summertime!

We don’t want anyone to freak out.. but we all know how fast time flies, and August will be no exception.

Pretty soon the clouds will grey and the near-daily rain will return and bring the winter chill along with it — and although this can be refreshing and beautiful in its own way, it’s important to enjoy the warmth while we can!

So, pack up the car, grab your friends, family, and dogs, and let’s go to the beach.

We’ve prepared a list of sandy beaches around Vancouver Island that we think you should visit before the summer ends!

So, without further ado, here are the top 5 sandy beaches to check out:

San Josef Bay

Located in Cape Scott Provincial Park at the northern tip of Vancouver Island, this beach is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world — and for good reason!

You have to work for the view and trek the 45-minute hike to get to this breathtaking sandy beach, but it’s worth the walk.

There are bundles of nature and soft sand surrounding an inlet of turquoise waters, and there’s plenty to explore once you reach the beach’s edge — spend a day pretending you’re on a tropical getaway and look for caves or swim the shoreline!

(San Josef Bay / Banana Boat)

Sombrio Beach

This stunning beach contains a mix of rock and sand and is located in the Juan De Fuca Provincial Park at around kilometre 29 along the famous Juan De Fuca trail!

There are always tents speckled along the shoreline and surfers catching the waves throughout the day.

It’s a great spot for catching the sunset, beach combing, and having a general wander as it’s surrounded by trails rimming the coastline.

Plus, if you’re lucky, you’ll spot the ‘hidden’ waterfall located a few minutes away from the Sombrio Beach trailhead. The water has carved a deep divot in a cliff and is accessible should you choose to hop along the rocks and logs to the bottom of this mystical waterfall.

Sombrio Beach
(Sooke to Port Renfrew Tourism)

Tribune Bay

Hornby Island has plenty to offer, not just incredible vibes, but nature sights as well!

If you’re visiting this little Gulf island, you’ll want to stop by Tribune Bay beach that runs along the Tribune Bay Provincial Park — it was nicknamed “Little Hawaii” and you’ll understand why.

Enjoy an afternoon looking for sand dollars, clambering over large rocks, swimming in the enticing water, and sunbathing!

Chesterman Beach

A great thing to add to your Victoria to Tofino itinerary is Chesterman Spit beach!

Offering 3 kilometres of smooth sand, a rocky area near the northern tip of the beach, and magnificent homes and businesses lining the edge, it has a mix of wonders to satisfy everyone’s wants.

It’s well known in the community and is a popular spot for checking out tidal pools at low tide, surfing, kite flying, and watching the woodcarving artists at the Carving Shed by the Wickaninnish Inn.

Calvert Island

Around 100 kilometres north of Port Hardy on Vancouver Island rests a remote island that has been dubbed the “Canadian Caribbean” for the rich blue waters, spectacular scuba opportunities at Carrington Reef, and sandy beaches.

It’s not easy to access but beyond worth the hardship for this seemingly tropical getaway right here in Canada!

It’s virtually undisturbed and unpolluted, so if you do wish to visit, take out what you bring in.

Did we miss your favourite sweet sandy beach? Let us know in the comment section!

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