(West Shore RCMP)

A taxi driver has been recognized for his actions with a West Shore RCMP Certificate of Appreciation for going above and beyond and helping out a minor in distress.

Police say that on June 13th, officers received a report that two intoxicated teens were wandering around and walking in and out of traffic along Jacklin Road. 

The two officers who responded found the two youths, a boy and a girl, and decided they could not take care of themselves, so they would try to return the teens to their parents or guardians.

Police took the boy home to his guardians but the girl began to have a panic attack.

With the young girl, the presence of police officers brought on a stress induced anxiety attack in her. 

Because of this, paramedics were called to determine what was going on with her, but it became clear that the police and paramedics were not helping the girl’s stress and anxiety levels.

Police decided to call a cab for the girl and Verrinder Bharmota, a local taxi driver arrived shortly after. 

Bharmota helped get the young girl into his cab, which police say took 10 to 15 minutes in her state, then drove her home to her parents. 

He even helped her walk into her home to where her guardians received her, as walking was difficult for the girl. 

“The youth had no money to pay for the taxi and I offered to pay for it myself but, when Mr. Bharmota, the taxi driver, found out why we had called for a taxi in the first place, he was very kind and compassionate with the youth and refused to charge for the ride,” said Cst. Renner, West Shore RCMP Frontline officer.

Bharmota was able to deescalate the situation when police could not and West Shore RCMP say they were grateful to him for going above and beyond. 

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