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End of an era: Cordova Bay’s popular waterfront Beach House restaurant closes for good


It’s the end of an era … for now, at least.

Cordova Bay has been dealt a heavy blow as the iconic Beach House restaurant has announced its permanent closure.

With a legacy spanning close to a century, the Beach House has been more than just a restaurant; it’s been a place where locals have gathered for cherished meals, celebrations, and dancing.

However, after a valiant effort to secure its future, the restaurant’s sale has fallen through, leaving the community without their beloved establishment.

The restaurant, formerly known as McMorran’s Pavilion, underwent a transformation in 2011 when Kate Phoenix became its owner.

Phoenix’s dedication to maintaining the restaurant’s legacy was evident as she invested in vital repairs and upgrades, breathing new life into the historic building.

The change of ownership brought a fresh identity, and the restaurant was rechristened the Beach House in 2012.

“I have owned the restaurant for 12 years and worked in the service industry here in Victoria since 1986 and look forward to a quiet retirement on my little hobby farm,” Phoenix shared with Victoria Buzz back in January, expressing her bittersweet sentiments about bidding farewell to the establishment she nurtured.

The Beach House, positioned along the scenic waterfront, held immense appeal for potential buyers.

The Beachhouse Restaurant sits on two waterfront lots, with the properties currently on the market for $5.5 million.

There are three parking lots across the street and a house at 985 Abbey Road that are listed for $9.9 million. These lots are also zoned for residential use.

Altogether the properties span a total of 16,732 square feet.

While being listed for sale prior to Christmas, the Beach House continued its operations until August 27th, when it would host its final event—a poignant farewell at the site of so many cherished memories.

However, fate had different plans.

The much-anticipated sale of the properties, including adjacent parking lots, failed to materialize, leading to the untimely closure of the Beach House on Sunday.

The announcement has left the community devastated, with many expressing their hope that a solution might still emerge to salvage the beloved establishment.

The Beach House holds a special place in the hearts of Cordova Bay residents, and the prospect of losing this cherished hub has brought a sense of collective loss.

In a statement on the Beach House website, gratitude was expressed to patrons for their years of support. The post also hinted at a potential glimmer of hope—the possibility of new operators taking the reins.

Cordova Bay residents and lovers of the Beach House have been encouraged to stay tuned for updates regarding the future of the restaurant.

For those who held unused balances on Beach House gift cards, the restaurant extended a heartfelt request to provide their card numbers and contact details for a refund.

Do you have fond memories of the Beach House restaurant that you’d like to share? Join the conversation and relive the moments that made this establishment a cherished part of Cordova Bay’s history.

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