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Here’s a list of which Canadian provinces are most likely to survive an alien invasion


As Canadians look up to the skies and ponder the existence of extraterrestrial life, one pressing question lingers on their minds: which provinces are best equipped to survive an alien invasion?

Fear not, for the inquisitive minds at BonusFinder Canada have done the calculations and created an index to determine the most and least probable places to survive an otherworldly encounter.

With more than 28,000 Google searches by Canadians in the last year, a remarkable surge in public fascination for aliens was fueled by over 800 unexplained sightings collected over decades, reported by NASA recently.

The following criteria was used to create a points-based index system evaluating:

  • Population and population density (per km²)
  • The average duration of UFO visits (minutes) and sightings per 100,000 people
  • Total forest area (thousands of hectares) and forest area as a % of land area
  • Fresh water area as a % total area
  • Police officers and active military service per 100,000
  • Number of food businesses
  • Number of farms, farms per 100 km² and employees in agriculture (in 1,000 people) per 100,000
  • Construction and manufacturing per 100,000
  • Healthcare professionals per 100,000
  • Scientific and professional personnel per 100,000

Topping the charts and earning the title of “Alien Invasion Survivor Extraordinaire” is none other than Nova Scotia! With a stellar survivability score of 8.03/10, Nova Scotia’s strategic coastal location and robust population of UFO witnesses make it a top contender.

It seems they have a habit of spotting unidentified flying objects, with a jaw-dropping 22.38 UFO sightings per 100,000 people, making the province second only to New Brunswick.

One can imagine the Martians scratching their heads, wondering how they managed to go unnoticed.

Moreover, Nova Scotia boasts the highest number of active military service personnel, indicating they are ready to take on any space invaders with a barrage of politeness and resilience.

And if that wasn’t enough, they also have the most scientific and professional personnel per capita, proving that brains can indeed triumph over brawn.

Manitoba follows closely behind, claiming the silver medal with a survivability score of 7.50/10.

The province’s generous forest-to-land ratio and abundant fresh water area are sure to provide ample hiding spots from probing alien eyes.

Not to mention, Manitoba’s farming community is well-equipped to keep everyone well-fed, even in the face of an extraterrestrial invasion.

Falcon Lake’s encounter with unidentified vessels adds an air of mystery and intrigue to Manitoba’s ranking, proving that Canadians can find wonder in both the known and the unknown.

In an unexpected twist, Newfoundland and Labrador lands the third spot on the survivability list with a score of 7.47/10. While they might have the lowest number of UFO sightings, they compensate with the highest number of healthcare professionals per capita.

If the aliens come in peace but accidentally catch a cold, Newfoundland and Labrador will be ready to nurse them back to health.

On the other end of the spectrum, British Columbia finds itself at the bottom of the list with a modest survivability score of 5.96/10.

Despite our breathtaking landscapes, the vast and remote terrain may present coordination challenges in the event of an invasion. With the second-lowest number of active military service personnel and a scarcity of agriculturists, British Columbia might need to rely on its breathtaking scenery as a distraction tactic to confuse the aliens.

So, fellow Canadians, if you’re ever caught in an alien invasion and need a safe haven, consider heading to Nova Scotia or Manitoba.

As for British Columbia, perhaps it’s time to start a “How to Survive Alien Invasions for Dummies” workshop.

After all, you never know when those little green men might come knocking on our igloos.

Until then, keep your eyes peeled and your spaceships ready for the ultimate adventure, and if you’re out looking at the sturgeon supermoon or Perseids meteor showers over the next two weeks, make sure to watch for our other friends in the sky!

Here’s a break down of each province and how they scored:



Alien Survivability Score /10


Nova Scotia






Newfoundland and Labrador



New Brunswick









Prince Edward Island









British Columbia


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