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Maria’s Deli in Saanich announces closure after nearly half a century business


A community hub and one of the only European import shops in town has announced it will be closing permanently at the end of the month. 

After 46 years of being in business, Maria’s Deli announced via social media that they would be shutting their doors after a long and difficult deliberation on whether or not to keep going. 

“Throughout the years, Maria’s Deli has become more than just a place to enjoy delicious European imports; it has become a cherished part of our lives,” wrote owners Maria and Susan in the closure announcement. 

The duo spoke about seeing families grow through the passing of the years and they say they are grateful for the opportunity to have served the community the way they got to. 

“The memories created in these four walls are precious to us,” they said. 

“From lively conversations to heartfelt laughter, every experience has been a testament to the warmth our customers Have brought into our lives.”

The comments section on the post is filled with well wishes, kind remarks and fond memories which solidify Maria’s Deli’s legacy as a cornerstone of the Saanich community it was a part of. 

“I used to darken your door at odd intervals with my older brother, he being a regular on what I suspect was a weekly basis,” said one of the commenters. “Our ventures together were part of a ‘Nuts and Berries’ provisioning run when we came to visit, and a prelude to a long afternoon/evening of cooking and eating.” 

“You often provided a significant part of the ingredients, including, once, some sprigs of fresh rosemary, which we were instructed to go up the road and harvest from Maria’s garden.”

“A great shop, wonderful people, and you will be sorely missed,” he added. 

August 31st will be their last day open, so be sure to visit and stock up on ricotta and some European delicacies before it’s too late!

Curtis Blandy

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