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TikTokers under fire after lighting heart-shaped blaze on Tofino beach (VIDEO)


Tofino residents are frustrated after a TikTok video showcasing a ‘romantic gesture’ was posted, and it’s being deemed a reckless and dangerous act that has raised concerns during peak fire season.

The incident involves a couple who staged a romantic gesture by lighting a heart-shaped line of fire on what is believed to be Chesterman Beach, provoking outrage and disbelief among the local community.

The now-private TikTok video, dated July 30th, captures the moment a man ignites a heart-shaped design made of fire on the sandy shores at dusk.

As the flames flare up, black smoke quickly engulfs the area, partially obscuring the couple from view.

In a desperate attempt to control the blaze, the man is seen kicking sand over the flames while uttering expletives about the smoke cloud that has formed.

The consequences of their actions were not just immediate, as Tofino residents have voiced concerns about potential environmental damage caused by gasoline-soaked towels left on the beach.

Hannah Tarrant, a resident of Tofino, took to social media to express her disappointment and outrage at the couple’s reckless behavior.

In a repost of the video, Tarrant highlighted that the heart-shaped fire was set during a time when the region was under an all-summer fire ban and a level three water restriction.

“Please, guys, all I’m asking for anyone who sees this video is that you don’t do this without proper research,” said Tarrant.

“Honestly, this put the whole town at risk. We’re not very big, and one little fire can burn down the whole town, especially since we’re on a provincial park and don’t have access to a lot of emergency vehicles,” she added.

The severity of the situation cannot be overstated, especially considering the heightened risk of wildfires during this period.

Tarrant’s concerns were echoed by many in the community, who emphasized that one small spark could easily escalate into a catastrophic wildfire that threatens not only property but also lives.

Signs prohibiting fires on the beach are a common sight in the area, and the District of Tofino released an official statement reiterating the importance of adhering to fire bans and restrictions during fire-prone seasons.

The incident has raised broader discussions about responsible behavior, environmental preservation, and respect for local rules and regulations.

Anyone found in contravention of a BC fire ban can be fined up to $1,150.

Tofino RCMP said they are aware of the video and are investigating. As of this publication, no charges have been laid or recommended in this incident.


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