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Victoria ranked within top 10 Canadian cities for best sexual health


Ever since Canada joined the Uber ranks, citizens have used Uber Eats’ convenience for more than just purchasing food. 

Sexual wellness products have made an increasing appearance in carts as well, including everything from condoms to emergency contraceptives, lubricants, and sex toys.

In honour of World Sexual Health Day on Monday, September 4th, Uber Canada released a snapshot of Canada’s sexual health and wellness based on product purchases using Uber Eats.

The data collected includes the most popular and most unique sexual wellness products, the volume of these products distributed, and in turn, which cities were the most prepared for sexual adventures based on the types of products.

And get this—Victoria took sixth place out of the top ten cities listed! Top three, respectively, were Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto and London, Ontario. 

Here is the full list of the top top 10 Canadian cities that are the biggest consumers of sexual health products:

  1. Kitchener-Waterloo
  2. Toronto
  3. London, Ont
  4. Vancouver
  5. Ottawa
  6. Victoria
  7. Hamilton
  8. Edmonton
  9. Niagara Region
  10. Calgary

With BC taking huge strides towards accessible sexual health within the last year, it’s another step further for continuing sexual education and promoting sexual health and wellness.

Uber is also awarding yearbook-style superlatives, celebrating the cities that consume the most of particular product categories, including contraceptives, emergency contraceptives, lubricants and sex toys. 

Here are the winners:

  • Hamilton takes the title of “The Slickest City,” as Hamiltonians are by far the biggest consumers of sexual lubricants on Uber Eats
  • Londoners are the “Most likely to have you covered,” with London being the city that purchases the most condoms 
  • Torontonians are the “Most likely to pass a vibe check,” since Toronto consumes the most sex toys/vibrators on Uber Eats

Some notable sexual health and wellness stores within Victoria are Intamo Pleasurables, Susan James, The Garden of Eden, and The Romance Shop.

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