Premier Eby visiting people in West Kelowna who have been affected by the wildfires (Province of BC)

BC has ended the state of emergency which was imposed mid-August due to the out of control wildfire situation across all regions of the province. 

While no less than a month ago, thousands of people had evacuated their homes, now only 370 remain evacuated with around 18,000 on evacuation alert, a drastic improvement. 

“While the provincial state of emergency is no longer required, the wildfire season is not over,” said Bowinn Ma, Minister of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness. 

“Many communities still have local states of emergency in place and the expiration of the provincial state of emergency does not impact wildfire-fighting resources or our ability to continue to provide emergency supports to communities.” 

The province invokes a state of emergency to allow themselves to create emergency orders which include restrictions that would aid those in crisis.

During this state of emergency lasting just shy of one-month they had to temporarily limit non-essential travel as well as accommodations to those who were not impacted by wildfires. 

As of this publication, there are 395 active wildfires in BC with 25 of those being located on Vancouver Island.

Fire bans on all fires remain in place as autumn approaches. 

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