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Festival-goers prepare for round two of Rifflandia at Royal Athletic Park this weekend


Last weekend, Rifflandia saw a record breaking crowd and made history by being the first music festival to offer an on-site cannabis order and delivery program.

With a decentralized festival format, it’s a unique celebration that has captivated the hearts of music lovers and cannabis enthusiasts alike, as festival-goers gear up for the second half at The Park this weekend.

Rifflandia Festival kicked off its six-day journey with a bang, with the first weekend held at Electric Avenue. This year, Electric Avenue witnessed a record-breaking attendance, making it a milestone in the festival’s history.

But the records didn’t stop there; Rifflandia Festival marked several groundbreaking firsts during this year’s festivities.

Splifflandia: A Cannabis Ordering and Delivery Revolution

One of the most notable firsts was the launch of Splifflandia, an on-site festival cannabis ordering and delivery operation.

This initiative represents the first of its kind in BC, allowing legal-age attendees to place online orders and receive cannabis products directly at the festival venue.

This innovative service ensures safe access to cannabis products, and it’s a collaborative effort between Rifflandia Festival, the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch, and Original Farm Cannabis, Vancouver Island’s largest licensed cannabis retailer.

Daryl Houston, Vice President Sales at Original Farm Cannabis, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “Rifflandia festival-goers were very excited to have the opportunity to safely order their cannabis, and we were thrilled to see that the logistics of the operation were also very smooth. We are looking forward to another great weekend at The Park.”

A Dazzling Display of Drones Lights Up the Night Sky

Victoria witnessed another first as Rifflandia Festival presented an awe-inspiring drone show. At approximately 11:30 p.m. each night, festival-goers and Victoria residents gazed in wonder as choreographed groups of illuminated drones took flight above the Electric Avenue Main Stage.

These drones formed mesmerizing aerial formations, including headliner names, logos, and the iconic Rifflandia cherries, all synchronized to create a visual spectacle.

This visually striking performance was made possible through a partnership with Pixel Sky Animations, renowned for their unique and imaginative drone light shows that transport audiences to new worlds through storytelling and cutting-edge technology.

Looking Forward to The Park

As Rifflandia enters its second weekend at The Park, music enthusiasts can anticipate an incredible lineup of artists, including Herbie Hancock, Iggy Pop, Mavis Staples, Diplo, Salt-N-Pepa, Stephen Marley, Melanie C, Marc Rebillet, KALEO, and more.

The Park, an all-ages venue located at Royal Athletic Park, promises a traditional grassy field festival experience, making it an ideal setting for music lovers of all ages.

Nick Blasko, President & CEO of Rifflandia Entertainment Company Inc., expressed his excitement about the upcoming weekend, stating, “Rifflandia Festival is excited to announce the addition of Melanie C to the lineup. Performing at The Park on Sunday, she will be presenting a DJ set from the Main Stage as a part of the final night of our two September weekends.”

The second weekend of the iconic music festival Rifflandia kicks off at 2 p.m. Friday, September 15th and carrying through until Sunday, September 17th.

There will also be another collection of daily costumes for attendees to participate in, which includes the following:

  • Friday, September 15th – Vinyl
  • Saturday, September 16th – Sparkle
  • Sunday, September 17th – Summer camp

And don’t forget about their bonus offers, Lovelandia—a space which is available to any and all love birds who want to tie the knot and get married during the festival, and the brand new Splifflandia initiative that allows you to purchase weed on-site!

Single day tickets and passes are available online, here.


  • Where: 1014 Caledonia Avenue
  • When: Friday, September 15th until Sunday, September 17th—showtimes vary
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