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Great news, Victoria—at least there’s one cost that’s going down!

Inflation has yet to back down, and it’s been weighing heavily on Vancouver Islanders for quite some time. 

Thankfully, there may be some relief in the ever-climbing cost of bills with FortisBC Energy Inc.’s new announcement.

FortisBC has shared the approval from the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) to decrease the cost of gas rate for all of its customers from $3.159 per gigajoule (GJ) to $2.230 per GJ.

So, as of October 1st, customers of FortisBC can enjoy a decrease in costs—this is especially good news for families and businesses that rely on gas to cook their food or to heat their homes. 

“We understand that energy costs are an important consideration in household budgets,” said Joe Mazza, vice-president, energy supply and resource development at FortisBC.

According to reports, this means that the average monthly bills are expected to decrease by approximately $7, or eight per cent, based on an average household consumption of around 90 GJ per year.

“This decrease will provide customers with some relief on the cost of gas as we head into the colder fall and winter season.”

This is the second gas drop in the last couple of months—the most recent drop having occurred in July.

The cost of gas rate will be reviewed by the BCUC again in December.

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