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Rifflandia adds former Spice Girl Melanie C to Rifflandia’s lineup this weekend


If you ‘Wannabe’ at Riff this weekend, now you have one more reason!

Melanie C, aka “Sporty Spice,” is an icon on par with the likes of Paris Hilton and she is the latest addition to Rifflandia’s lineup this weekend at The Park.

She will be playing on Sunday, September 17th along with the likes of Herbie Hancock, Stephen Marley Kaleo and more. 

Mel C rose to fame in 1996 along with her four Spice Girls counterparts and were instantly a worldwide phenomenon.

The Spice Girls still hold the record for being the best selling girl group of all time having sold over 105 million records. 

In May 1998, Geri Halliwell, aka “Ginger Spice” left the group and then, there were four. Despite this, they still managed to record a couple number one songs as a four-piece before they would officially announce their breakup to the world in 2001. 

Her solo career would be launched in 1998 with the hit single When You’re Gone that she recorded with Canadian legend, Bryan Adams. 

She recorded a total of eight studio albums over the last 24 years and has appeared in several films and TV shows.

She has also taken part in several philanthropic endeavours and has been recognized as a role model for women and ‘girl power’ around the globe ever since she rose to fame.


At Rifflandia, she is going to be performing a DJ set rather than a full-band experience, but she is still no doubt going to attract Spice Girls fans and fans of her solo work in droves, just as Paris Hilton did. 

On social media, people are already getting hyped up for this weekend at the park in light of the announcement.

Some fans are commenting on Rifflandia’s official announcement post their hopes for the performance. Many people are wishing for her to play some Spice Girls songs while others speculate that she rolled in with Bryan Adams last weekend while he played at the Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre and decided to stay.

Despite what she does for her DJ set, Victoria has been abuzz ever since the announcement.

To get a sneak peak of what her set might sound like, Mel C has recorded all her previous DJ sets and put them up on her website!

The Park kicks off on Friday, September 15th with Mel C performing on Sunday, September 17th and there are still full weekend passes and day passes available online. 

Rifflandia at The Park

  • Where: Royal Athletic Park, 1014 Caledonia Avenue
  • When: Friday, September 15th to Sunday, September 17th
  • Tickets: available online
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