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Water discoloration: Water flushing will be happening in Colwood and Langford


Heads up Colwood and Langford residents.

The Capital Regional District (CRD) has issued a notification to residents that the annual water main flushing in Langford and Colwood areas will start next week.

Flushing is set to begin on Tuesday, October 3rd, and span over approximately two weeks.

During this period, residents can expect to see crews performing water flushing procedures by releasing water from fire hydrants.

According to the CRD, this essential annual initiative is aimed at purging sediments that accumulate within the water distribution pipes and reservoirs throughout the year.

Although some residents might experience brief episodes of low water pressure or discolored water during the flushing, the CRD assures the public that this discoloration is temporary and poses no health hazards.

The CRD says it maintains a rigorous daily regimen of water sample collection and testing across the entire distribution system to ensure the continued safety of the water supply.

In the event of water discoloration, the CRD advises residents to allow the tap to run on cold water until the water regains clarity, typically later in the day.

The annual water flushing program not only enhances water quality but also aids in the identification of weak or problematic areas within the water system.

Furthermore, it contributes to the overall hydraulic capacity improvement and extends the lifespan of critical system components such as line valves, pumps, and pressure reducing valves, as affirmed by the CRD.

Click here to view a map detailing the specific locations where flushing will take place over the next several weeks.

Residents are encouraged to remain vigilant and cooperate with the CRD during this annual maintenance operation, as it ensures the long-term reliability and safety of the local water supply.

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