Friday, February 23, 2024

Over 2,000 dead in BC this year alone due to toxic drug deaths


With only 10 months of data, the BC Coroners Service has announced that at least 2,039 British Columbians have lost their lives to drugs so far this year. 

In October, 189 people died due to the toxic drug supply currently plaguing BC. This marks the 37th consecutive month over 150 people have died from drugs in the province. 

Once again, Greater Victoria was the third most deadly zone in BC with 12 of those 189 people losing their lives within the region. 

All in all, since BC declared a public-health emergency in April 2016, the lives of at least 13,317 British Columbians have been lost due to unregulated drugs.

Following the latest monthly update from the BC Coroners Service regarding the number of toxic drug deaths, Jennifer Whiteside, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, released a statement on behalf of the Province.

“As we face the sombre reality presented in the latest BC Coroners Service report, our hearts go out to the families and friends mourning the loss of 189 individuals in October to the poisoned drug supply,” she said.

“Each of these lives was an integral part of the fabric of our province and our communities, and their absence leaves a void that cannot be filled.”

Whiteside says she recognizes the depth of grief at the numbers of lives lost and assures those who have lost someone that the government is working to provide access to effective and compassionate care to those impacted by addiction. 

“We hold close the memory of those we have lost as we continue to build and improve the systems of support in our province.” 

“Our goal is clear: to give the care and support needed to stop these losses from happening again and to help our communities heal. We will continue to make real changes that will help save lives and connect people to the care they need,” Whiteside concluded.

Curtis Blandy

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