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Phillips Brewing releases 5th annual ‘Space Case’ full of ultra limited-edition beers


Phillips Brewing is one of Victoria’s biggest tried-and-true beer companies who have become known for their award-winning staple beers.

When it comes to innovation in beer, they really get to show their cards every year with the annual ‘Space Case.’

The Space Case is a top-secret 12-pack of beer that is concocted by the brewing team, creatively designed by the art team and sold all across BC even in some Albertan cities. 

This year marks the fifth year of the Space Case in its current rendition. 

The Space Case is their answer to the ‘beer advent calendar’ trend that some breweries and liquor stores partake in around the holidays but Phillips says that this case is to be given or consumed however the owner chooses. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy these beers.

What it started out as was a way for people who love Phillips to be able to try all the one-off beers that come to the taproom throughout the year, but it turned into a way for beer-lovers to truly see and taste the talent behind the brews. 

“The biggest thing that’s changed with it is that it’s been an experimentation tool for our brewing team,” said Samantha Beck, Marketing Manager for Phillips Brewing. 

“It’s really been where they get to throw some spaghetti against the wall and figure out if they like certain stuff, really play around and see what sticks.”

She wouldn’t say specifically what the beers within the mysterious Space Case will be, but she did say that some would be featured in a Space Case tap-takeover event in the taproom on December 7th. 

Beck did however allude to this year’s beers being more European focussed, highlighting more lagers and ales using unique yeasty and hop combinations to bring about a truly unique product. 

This specialty variety pack that is only available once per year is once again in stock at the Phillips taproom, but Beck doesn’t expect it will last very long.

“For one, we’re using a hop variety that is super new and technically hasn’t even been named yet,” Beck told Victoria Buzz. 

Beck says that the best place to get the Space Case in Victoria is by swinging by the taproom to grab one.

“You’re going to want to swing by in the first few weeks,” Beck said. 

For those in other parts of the province and Alberta though, the best way to track one down would be to call your local craft-beer focussed liquor store. 

Keep an eye on Phillips Brewing’s social media for the Space Case tap-takeover event that will take place on December 7th to get a sneak peak, or pick up a case and dig in whenever you feel like it.

Curtis Blandy

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