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Victoria claims top spot in Globe and Mail ranking of Canada’s most livable cities


Victoria has clinched the coveted title of the most livable city in Canada, according to a comprehensive ranking conducted by The Globe and Mail.

Other Vancouver Island communities also garnered notable recognition for the nation’s top 100, proving that it wasn’t solely the capital city making waves in the rankings.

In a meticulous evaluation encompassing 439 cities nationwide, The Globe and Mail scrutinized various criteria ranging from economy, housing, and healthcare to education and climate.

What makes this assessment stand out is its depth, delving beyond broad categories to consider numerous sub-categories, recognizing the nuanced factors that shape residents’ daily lives.

But it’s not just Victoria that shone in this survey; Vancouver Island demonstrated its prowess with an impressive presence in the top 100 rankings, that include:

1. Victoria
7. Saanich
10. Oak Bay
25. Colwood
32. Parksville
40. Central Saanich
63. Nanaimo
78. Sidney

The methodology behind this ranking was meticulous, with certain categories deemed more pivotal in community selection, such as Economy and Housing, and consequently receiving greater weight in the assessment, according to the Globe and Mail.

This approach ensured a comprehensive understanding of what truly matters to individuals seeking an ideal place to call home. For instance, factors like proximity to essential amenities were prioritized over others, recognizing their tangible impact on enhancing everyday life.

“The primary purpose of our rankings is to help Canadians identify communities where they can flourish based on their own circumstances,” said Globe and Mail on their website.

“Our overall ranking emphasizes the key attributes that most Canadians value in their communities including the economy, safety and, yes, the cost of housing.”

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While Victoria claimed the pinnacle position, other notable cities like North Vancouver (2), Winnipeg (3), Regina (4), and Burlington (5) also secured top rankings, affirming the diverse tapestry of livability across Canada.

As the definition of livability continues to evolve, encompassing not just the basics but also the nuances that shape our daily experiences, the ranking serves as a compass guiding individuals towards communities that align with their unique preferences and needs.

Victoria’s crowning glory not only celebrates the city’s charm but also highlights the collective efforts of communities across Canada.

See the full report here.

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