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Beloved radio host Dylan Willows takes hiatus after ‘bad cancer’ diagnosis


Victoria’s popular morning radio host on The Zone at 91-3, Dylan Willows, made a heartfelt announcement revealing his upcoming month-long break due to a recent cancer diagnosis.

Willows, known for his two-decade tenure at The Zone, shared with listeners that after several months of medical evaluation, he has been diagnosed with uveal melanoma.

Uveal melanoma is a rare cancer that develops in the eye, specifically in the uvea, which is the middle layer of the eyeball. It starts in melanocytes, the cells that produce pigment, and can affect vision or spread to other parts of the body. Treatment typically involves surgery, radiation, or other targeted therapies.

In his announcement, Willows expressed gratitude for the advances in technology offering hope amidst this challenging diagnosis.

He mentioned a state-of-the-art treatment that, while not guaranteed to solve his health issues, is expected to provide him with valuable time.

Recognizing the importance of family and his radio career, he expressed eagerness to return to the airwaves by January 2nd, contingent on the treatment’s progression.

This isn’t Willows’ first encounter with cancer; over 20 years ago, he lost an eye to the disease. Despite this previous battle, he’s maintained an unwavering commitment to both his family and his career in radio, acknowledging the profound significance of the show in his life.

Willows’ announcement has evoked an outpouring of support from listeners and the community, reflecting the deep impact he has made over the years.

As he embarks on this hiatus for treatment and recovery, well-wishes and hopes for his speedy return continue to flood in from fans.

The full announcement can be heard below:

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