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Popular Vancouver Island dessert triumphs as Canada’s top trending holiday treat


This time of year is treasured for so many different reasons—the lights, time with family and friends, gift receiving and giving, and especially the heaps of delicious food.

If you’ve ever wondered what miraculous recipes Canadians are searching for this time of year, whether for inspiration or curiosity, look no further! 

The food box delivery service with Chefs Plate has analyzed search data across platforms such as Google and TikTok to figure out this year’s most trending Canadian holiday foods.

Can you guess which food rose triumphant and above all else?—Vancouver Island’s very own Nanaimo bars, placing first out of 16 different food items!

In case you are one of the rare individuals who’s never heard of a Nanaimo bar, it’s a no-bake wonder with delicious layers of chocolate, custard and coconut.

Ever since its creation in the early 1950s, it has risen to world-wide fame and recognition and chefs everywhere are putting their own spin on the classic treat. 

If you can’t make it out to Nanaimo to get it right from the source, there are plenty of incredible local bakeries that have dished out their own version. 

The Dutch Bakery and Coffee shop on Fort Street, for example, sells Nanaimo bars among their other delectable treats, fresh meals, and coffee. 

Other businesses include Green Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurant in Market Square on Johnson Street (when they have them on their daily rotation), Qv Cafe & Bakery on Government Street, and Roost Farm Winery, Bakery & Bistro on East Saanich Road. 

Included in the list of top Canadian trending food items, Christmas Tourtiere and Eggnog placed second and third, respectively.

Right behind them were savoury foods, brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes.

The very bottom 16th rung was taken by baked ham—poor baked ham, you’re still loved too.

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