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‘Oops!’: Victoria Bug Zoo closes temporarily due to alleged baby scorpion escape


A bug zoo in Victoria closed for a day out of an abundance of caution after a scorpion escaped from its enclosure.

After capturing the scorpion, concerns persisted the next day when a staff member feared additional escapes, leading to the decision to temporarily close for the day so staff could conduct another thorough check, ensuring peace of mind.

The closure allowed for a thorough inspection of the premises.

While the post appears to have been removed, Victoria Bug Zoo posted a photo to their Facebook page showing a closed sign with the following caption:

“Oops! Sorry, everyone! We are closed for the day! (February 29th doesn’t exist anyway so it’s okay).”

According to a spokesperson for the Victoria Bug Zoo, despite meticulous searches, no additional scorpions were found outside of their houses.

“We did find some good relics from days past though,” said the spokesperson.

“We even found a pamphlet from the early 2000s underneath one of the tanks! We also realized how heavy a giant tank of millipedes can be!”

“Among these discoveries was a pamphlet dating back to the early 2000s tucked beneath one of the tanks.”

Expressing gratitude for the community’s ongoing support, the Bug Zoo assured patrons that their commitment to safety remains unwavering.

“Staff and guest safety is very important to us! We are so grateful for the community’s continued support of our business and we look forward to what the future holds.”

Most scorpions are well under one inch long and a light cream color—almost translucent at times. Because of their small size and indistinct coloring, they can go unnoticed along walls or in corners of rooms for great periods of time before being found in more obvious places.

It’s commonly believed that baby scorpion stings are more potent than those of adults. However, this isn’t true, but their stingers are still effective and can cause painful side effects for humans.

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