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Record-breaking warmth graces Greater Victoria this St. Patrick’s Day weekend


As St. Patrick’s Day weekend unfolded, Greater Victoria experienced an unprecedented surge in temperatures, shattering previous records and ushering in an early taste of spring.

Across British Columbia, warm weather prevailed, contributing to the establishment of numerous temperature milestones on Saturday, March 16th.

The unseasonably balmy conditions set the stage for what promises to be an unusually warm transition into the spring equinox on Tuesday.

According to data from Environment Canada, several locations in Greater Victoria reported remarkable highs, with temperatures soaring to near 19 degrees Celsius.

Notable records include Esquimalt Harbour at 19.3°C, Victoria Gonzales at 18.8°C, Victoria Harbour at 18.6°C, and the University of Victoria at 18.1°C.

Of particular significance is the temperature observed at Victoria Gonzales, which has only surpassed 18.8°C twice in recorded history during this early period of the year, notably in 2005 and 1947.

Adding to the roster of impressive statistics, the Victoria International Airport recorded its first 19°C of the year on March 16th, marking the earliest occurrence since March 10th, 1965.

Typically, such warmth is not anticipated until late April. The previous record for earliest attainment of 19°C was set on March 10th, 1965, with the latest occurrence documented on June 10th, 1974.

Beyond the confines of Greater Victoria, the warmth extended its reach across Vancouver Island. In the Malahat area, temperatures peaked at 17.8°C, eclipsing the previous record of 14.5°C established 36 years ago in 1988.

Similarly, in Port Hardy, the mercury climbed to 15.4°C, surpassing the longstanding record of 15°C set in 1947.

As we bid farewell to the remarkable warmth of this St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Victorians have two more days to bask in the sunshine before transitioning back to rain on Wednesday.

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