Monday, June 24, 2024

17 ethereal captures of the northern lights illuminating Vancouver Island skies (VIDEO/PHOTOS)


Thousands of people in and around Vancouver Island rushed outside on Friday, May 10th to witness an extremely rare moment as the sky came to life.

Those who were awake between 10:30 p.m. and 3 a.m. caught a once-in-a-lifetime aurora borealis display, and within a couple of hours, the lights had fully taken over social media accounts everywhere.

The rare natural phenomenon, unseen on such a scale since 2003, painted the skies of Europe and North America in vibrant interstellar hues, captivating millions of stargazers with its extraordinary display.

Gorgeous photos and videos—taken on both cellphones and cameras—emerged, and we have compiled a few of our favourites to show you!

So, whether you missed the display getting your beauty sleep or you just want a full recap, here’s 17 ethereal photos from the northern lights display last week:

(Photo by Quinn Mallory / Facebook)
(Photo by Kimberly Recalma)
(Photo by Kimberly Recalma)
(Photo by Rommel / Facebook)
(Photo by Kimberly Recalma)
(Photo by Dylan Williams)
(Photo by Seanna Wainman)
(Photo by Travel With Mel / Facebook)

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