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Bakery fire shuts down portion of Lampson and Devonshire in Esquimalt (UPDATED)


Esquimalt woke to the sound of sirens as fire crews rushed to a massive structure fire located on Devonshire Road when a local bakery was overtaken with flames. 

Rising Star Wholesale Bakery is located at 956 Devonshire Road, which is right off of Fairview Street. 

At 8:41 a.m., Wednesday, May 22nd,  VicPD took to X (formerly Twitter) to inform commuters about the fire and even though Lampson is one block west of the fire, they were shutting down a portion of the arterial road temporarily. 

At around 11 a.m. Lampson was clear and open for motorists’ use.

“The fire was well established and difficult to access in the affected unit,” wrote Esquimalt Fire Rescue on social media.

The fire was contained to the area of origin. No other units suffered fire damage. Unfortunately many others were affected by water damage.”

Firefighters from View Royal, Victoria and Esquimalt all contributed to the successful extinguishing of this fire.

“Our heartfelt sympathy goes to the affected businesses, especially The Rising Star Bakery,” wrote Esquimalt Fire Rescue.

“We recognize this is someone’s business and many peoples place of employment and we are thinking of them today.”

In their update, Esquimalt Fire and Rescue Services did not reveal what the cause of the blaze or if an investigation is underway to determine the cause.

This fire happened to occur on the same day as Esquimalt Fire and Rescue Services groundbreaking ceremony for their new fire hall located on Esquimalt Road, at the site of their former location. 

The photos from the scene below show large flames erupting from the building as fire crews battled the fire.

(Courtesy of Sue Grainger)
(Courtesy of Sue Grainger)
(Courtesy of Sue Grainger)
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