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BC NDP continues to lead polls with Premier Eby hoping to reclaim his position: Survey


This October, British Columbians will take to the polls and decide who will take the reins of the next provincial government.

The upcoming election will be unique as it is the first one in which Premier David Eby will be running not only for the Vancouver-Point Grey seat he’s held since 2013, but he will also be running in his first election as incumbent premier since taking over the position in 2022. 

The BC NDP’s Eby is up against Kevin Falcon, leader of the BC United Party; Sonia Furstenau, leader of the BC Green Party; and John Rustad, leader of the Conservative Party of BC. 

The last election’s results in 2020 garnered the BC NDPs their first provincial win since 1996, not including the 2017 election in which the Liberals won 43 seats, the BC NDPs won 41 and the BC Greens won 3, allowing the two parties to team up against the Liberals.

According to a recent survey done by BC-based Research Co., most British Columbians remain faithful to the BC NDPs and are planning to vote for Premier David Eby, come election day. 

Here is the survey’s results for how people would vote if the election were to happen right away and their approval rates for the parties leaders:

  • BC NDP – 34% 
    • David Eby – 54% approval (up from 51% in April)
  • Conservative Party of BC – 27% 
    • Jon Rustad – 37%approval (up from 35% in April)
  • BC United Party – 10% 
    • Kevin Falcon – 31% approval (down from 36% in April)
  • BC Green Party – 10%
    • Sonia Furstenau – 35% approval (down from 37% in April) 

Ever since the BC United changed their party’s name from BC Liberal, the number of people willing to vote for them has decreased markedly, according to this survey. 

Since May 2023, they’re popularity has fallen from 33% approval ratings to just 10%. 

When asked what the issues are that mean the most to British Columbians, the top five were: housing, poverty and homelessness at 40% (up from 37%), healthcare at 21%, the economy and jobs at 15% (down from 18%), and the environment and public safety at 5%. 

In a new development, the Conservative Party of BC is much better off than it has been in the past according to the Research Co. survey. 

The Conservatives have failed to win a seat in the BC legislature since 1975; however, they show more promising approvals than even the current government’s opposition, the BC United Party.

Pre-campaigning begins on July 23rd, the campaign is to be called on September 21st and the actual election will take place on October 19th. 

What do you think will happen this election? Let us know in the comments.

Curtis Blandy

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