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Dozens of firefighters respond to motorhome fire aboard MV Coho ferry


It’s safe to say we’re all thankful for the hardworking staff that acted quickly and efficiently!

A fire aboard an MV Coho ferry vessel on Thursday, May 16th resulted in sailing cancellations and required dozens of firefighters to control the incident. 

The vessel was traveling from Victoria to Port Angeles, and onlookers could see the smoke coming from the ferry as it docked at its destination at around 5 p.m.

Later, employees at the Port Angeles terminal confirmed that it was a motorhome that had caught fire.

According to reports, about a dozen people suffered smoke inhalation, with one being transported to hospital for a check up. 

As a result, the subsequent 5:15 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. sailings from Victoria were cancelled on Thursday. 

In a recent Facebook post, MV Coho has since confirmed that all sailings resumed as scheduled Friday, May 17th and there shouldn’t be any further delays as a result of the fire. 

They then took a moment to thank all of the firefighters and staff involved that made this stressful situation run as smoothly as possible. 

Even passengers were impressed by the composure and response during what was a fearful time for many.

“Some people were not happy about the cancellation, and took it out on the staff. The staff remained apologetic, friendly, and still smiled,” one comment reads.

“They helped the cars turn around in the compound and leave. It was rather chaotic, but the staff still smiled. Kudos to them for how they handled everything.”

The Clallam 2 Professional Firefighters also posted an update on Facebook, sharing more details and images of the crews at work. 

According to the post, multiple units from Port Angeles Fire Department, Clallam 2 Fire-Rescue, Clallam County Fire Dist. 3 (Sequim), Clallam County Fire Dist. 4 (Joyce), and Olympic Ambulance were involved in the emergency response. 

“Let’s give a BIG hand for the shipboard firefighters of the Black Ball Ferry Line who were first due on this fire!” the post reads.

“They worked their tails off protecting a hometown treasure, their patrons, and your local firefighters tonight.”

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