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Duncan man among those charged in massive drug operation in Richmond


A Duncan man was among three charged after a 14-month Vancouver Police investigation into a fentanyl-producing drug lab.

The criminal charges stem from Project Toluene, initiated by Vancouver Police in January 2023 to target a group manufacturing and trafficking illicit drugs across the region.

The investigation led VPD to a drug lab at a Richmond home, which was dismantled in April 2023 with assistance from Richmond RCMP.

“People continue to die in record numbers from toxic drugs that are manufactured and sold by organized criminals,” said Inspector Phil Heard, officer in charge of VPD’s Organized Crime Section.

“As long as this is happening, we will focus our investigative energy on rooting out the people responsible for fueling the toxic drug crisis.”

Three men have now been charged for their alleged roles in the criminal operation, including Jason Conrad of Duncan.

He has been charged with trafficking fentanyl, four counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine, and weapons offences.

The other two arrested were from the Richmond area.

“This is a job very well done by the investigators at the Vancouver Police Department,” said Inspector Mike Roberts, Richmond RCMP Operations Officer.

“Criminal offences often have a multijurisdictional element. By working collaboratively in support of these operations, we are making our community as a whole safer for all.”

Police seized $7.8 million worth of fentanyl, cocaine and methamphetamine destined for distribution in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island during the sting operation.

The lab in Richmond and a condo in the Coal Harbour area yielded a total haul of 27.7 kilograms of fentanyl, two kilograms of cocaine, and 800 grams of methamphetamine, along with $365,000 in cash.

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