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Here’s what happened to the partially submerged boat in Oak Bay (VIDEO)


On Friday afternoon, residents and onlookers near McNeil Bay in Oak Bay were abuzz with concern and curiosity as a boat appeared to be taking on water.

Social media quickly filled with questions and comments as several people were seen attempting to pull the vessel from the waters.

The unfolding drama culminated in a joint rescue operation led by the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG).

At around 1:30 p.m., May 18th, the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre informed the CCG of a 42-foot boat that was on fire and taking on water in McNeil Bay.

The Coast Guard dispatched its fast response craft, which arrived on the scene within ten minutes.

Upon arrival, the Coast Guard found the fire on the vessel had already been extinguished, but the boat was now taking on water.

The three individuals who had been on board were rescued by the coast guards lifeboat, which safely picked them up without any reported injuries.

Given the precarious state of the boat, the Coast Guard decided to tow the vessel further into McNeil Bay and beach it to prevent it from sinking. This decision was made due to the high risk of the boat going under completely.

Later in the evening, crews worked diligently to pull the boat out of the water. The incident, while alarming, ended without injuries.






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