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Vancouver Island dog slashed by machete had ‘acted aggressively’ towards couple: RCMP


RCMP have released a statement after a Vancouver Island dog was slashed in the face with a machete by a couple out for a walk.

The story was first reported by Global News, after the dog owner, Adam Perret, told them he heard his dog yelp while outside unleashed.

When Perret ran outside to check on his dog, he saw it near a couple and discovered its face had been deeply slashed.

He claimed the woman who was with the man who slashed his dog with a machete was laughing after the incident.

Perret stated that the couple left the area before police arrived and could not be located.

Oceanside RCMP followed up on the incident, confirming that on May 23rd, officers responded to a report of an injured dog that had been struck with a machete while on the rural trails near the Errington/Coombs area.

Police said all individuals were identified and determined that the large dog, Magic, was acting aggressively towards the couple who were out walking.

“The off leash dog advanced on and bit one of the two on the left leg and in self defense to stop the attack the dog was struck,” said Oceanside RCMP media relations officer, Cst. Tim Kenning.

“This strike successfully stopped the attacking dog and the couple quickly departed and immediately self reported the altercation to the Oceanside RCMP.”

The couple had told officers they were saddened by the attack but felt they had to defend themselves.

Victoria Buzz has reached out to RCMP to clarify why the couple were in possession of a machete and whether it was legal. We will update this story once we hear back.

Oceanside RCMP said they are not recommending criminal charges and remind the public to leash aggressive pets.

While the dog’s injuries were serious and required surgery, it has returned home to recover.

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